Life with an Acid Reflux Baby

I’ve had a rough transition into being a mom. Even after working in the infant room at a daycare for almost a year, I still wasn’t as prepared for my son as I thought I was. He’s ended up being much more challenging than most of the infants I cared for. It’s really been teaching me a lot about myself, and where I need to grow. Each day for me is an internal battle, teaching me patience as well as how to deny self and put aside my own agenda for the day. Parenting, like marriage, I think is designed to help us grow. 

A few weeks ago we went into the dr. because Jonathan was spitting up after every meal. He just cried all the time and I could tell his tummy hurt. It was so hard, because nothing I did could help him feel better. Every time we laid him down he’d spit up, so he never slept very long. Well, our pediatrician said he had acid reflux (which is what we suspected) and we ended up changing his formula to Enfamil AR. It worked so well! He doesn’t spit up nearly as often and seems more satisfied after a feeding– he even slept about 5 hours at night that week! 
So things are looking up. I’m still trying to learn who Jonathan is and understand his cues and his cries. But he’s becoming a much happier, more alert baby, which I’m very thankful for! 
Additionally, He had his 2 month appt last Friday and he’s currently 10 lbs 10 oz and 22.75″ long. The poor baby got his first round of shots and so was somewhat fussy again this weekend. But he’s seems to be feeling better. He slept 6 hours last night! It makes for a much happier mommy and daddy!  


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