Cardinals vs Cubs

Andy, Jonathan and I took my dad to a Cardinals Vs. Cubs game last weekend as his Father’s day present.  We drove to Busch stadium for the day.  It was 95 degrees out, Jonathan and I immediately started sweating after exiting the air conditioned car.  Here is the little guy sweating…

We made it through 6 innings before getting a little too hot.  It was a fun day to go to the park, and it was fun to see Jonathan realize that the baseball players were really right there instead of on the TV.  We also ran into Daffy Duck at the park.  Jonathan was a little intimidated at first.

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  1. Jenn Palmer says:

    So cute! I can’t believe your two year old
    made it through six innings! My guy made it through one inning of the local team… I knew we were in trouble when he was more interested in playing on the folding seats than watching the pre-game entertainment.

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