Summer Reading

All 3 kids (and momma) have signed up for our local library’s summer reading plan. The rules are to read 30 min a day, at least 30 times over June and July. Here’s some of the things we have been reading:

Henry and Mudge– Jonathan is currently going through this series about a little boy and his 180-pound dog Mudge. It’s a cute little set of books about the typical adventures one would expect from a boy and his dog. These are right at Jonathan’s comfort level right now. Since there are over twenty books in the series, I think we will be set for the summer!

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe– This was a read aloud we recently finished. I’ve been waiting to read this to my kids for a long time. Both Jonathan and Grace really enjoyed it. Jonathan picked up on many of the underlying spiritual themes and we had some fruitful discussions.

The Light at Tern Rock– This was a read aloud that I picked up based off of Sonlight’s Core A list. It is about a little boy and his aunt who get asked to tend a lighthouse over Christmas break. The lighthouse keeper promises to return by December 15, but is nowhere in sight on Christmas Eve. This was a harder one for the kids– they weren’t begging to read the next chapter. However, we persevered, and had a good discussion on forgiveness and hearing both sides of a story.


Now the kids are getting up from rest time, so I’ll have to share what I’m reading in a future post.

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